Rhino 660 Valve Adjustment

Hey Guys, just flew back in from Glamis and Friend of mine asked how to adjust valves on his Rhino. it’s pretty simple and with a little time your Rhino will be starting with ease. Here ya go – JT

• The valve clearance must be adjusted when
the engine is cool to the touch.
• Adjust the valve clearance when the piston is
at the Top Dead Center (TDC) on the compression

1. Remove:
• driver seat
• passenger seat
• console

2. Lift the cargo bed up.

3. Remove:
• tappet cover (intake)
• tappet covers (exhaust)

4. Disconnect:
• spark plug cap

5. Remove:
• spark plug

6. Remove:
• air shroud

7. Remove:
• engine cooling fan

8. Remove:
• timing plug

9. Check:
• valve clearance
-Out of specification → Adjust.

Valve clearance (cold)
0.10 ~ 0.15 mm
(0.0039 ~ 0.0059 in)
0.15 ~ 0.20 mm
(0.0059 ~ 0.0079 in)

a. Turn the crankshaft counterclockwise with a
b. Align the “I” mark 1 on the rotor with the
stationary pointer 2 on the A.C. magneto
cover. When the “I” mark is aligned with the
stationary pointer, the piston is at the Top
Dead Center (TDC).
• When the piston is at the Top Dead Center
(TDC) on the compression stroke, there
should be clearance between the valve stem
tips and their respective rocker arm adjusting
• If there is no clearance, rotate the crankshaft
counterclockwise one turn.
c. Measure the valve clearance using a thickness
gauge 3.

• valve clearance

a. Loosen the locknut 1.
b. Insert a thickness gauge 2 between the
adjuster end and the valve end.
c. Turn the adjuster 3 clockwise or counterclockwise
with the tappet adjusting tool 4
until the proper clearance is obtained.
Tappet adjusting tool
P/N. YM-08035-A, 90890-01311

d. Hold the adjuster to prevent it from moving
and then tighten the locknut.
14 Nm (1.4 m · kg, 10 ft · lb)

e. Measure the valve clearance.
f. If the clearance is incorrect, repeat the
above steps until the proper clearance is

• all removed parts
Install all removed parts in the reverse order of
their disassembly. Note the following points.

• engine cooling fan
7 Nm (0.7 m · kg, 5.1 ft · lb)

• air shroud
10 Nm (1.0 m · kg, 7.2 ft · lb)

• spark plug
18 Nm (1.8 m · kg, 13 ft · lb)
• tappet covers (exhaust)
12 Nm (1.2 m · kg, 8.7 ft · lb)
• tappet cover (intake)
10 Nm (1.0 m · kg, 7.2 ft · lb)

15.Lower the cargo bed.

• console
• passenger seat
• driver seat


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